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About FastForward Restart

FFR’s efforts in economic development and jobs began with its work in Louisiana after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. Over the next ten years we worked with over 300 small businesses to assist in their recovery and reestablishment as key elements of the recovery of their community. FFR’s work culminated in the establishment of the East New Orleans Economic Development Foundation in 2015. 


FFR continues our work to mentor and coach small business owners to support sustainable communities and have added direct training programs through their initiative, Operation Smart Move. Our purpose is to create economically and environmentally sustainable communities. As part of that effort, training will provide unemployed citizens skills that will qualify them for a career in the hazardous material cleanup industry. An ancillary benefit of the training program is the ability to conduct mold and mildew remediation on buildings and residences that may not be able to afford to do so. Target groups are unemployed military veterans, rehabilitated citizens, and under- and unemployed members of disadvantaged communities.


Through our Operation Smart Move initiative, we work with community organizations such as Vets-22, Grove Park Foundation, V.O.E., Y.M.C.A. and job readiness programs to identify and qualify candidates for training. We also work to integrate training with community outreach efforts, providing O.J.T. for trainees while providing needed pollution remediation to neglected communities.   


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