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"FastForward Restart's approach improves the lives of all communities who are engaged"

FastForward Restart during this initial phase addresses environmental issues that have plagued the community causing health issues. We understand that poor environmental quality has its greatest impact on people’s health. Therefore, environmental health must address the environmental factors that increase the likelihood of exposure and disease.



Where you live determines how long you live.

Our Partners shall lead and be at the center of the movement, “FastForward Restart”. The health of a community and that of its members are closely interwoven. Seeking the overall betterment of the community, we address core fundamentals such as the opportunity for young entrepreneurs to flourish, creating ownership within the community where they live. This also allows the municipality and business community to participate in backing their commitment to help the community by supporting the movement through purchase and use of the products and services provided by these local entrepreneurs. This results in sustainability through job creation, crime reduction, educational/training opportunities, and the elimination of contaminants impacting the environment. The Partners, key municipal, business, non-profits, and community leaders, contribute to this holistic approach to quality of life and community sustainability.  Clean Hands Campaign pages.


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